When we are children, there is one word that all of us have succumbed to; CANDY! Candy, just saying that magical word sends a shockwave through our ever most taste bud with a craving of Spazz, Energy and Wowness! As we grow to adults we keep that same feeling, but have a little more self control, haha, that is until places like ROCKET FIZZ open! A great new establishment nestled in downtown Gilbert’s Heritage district, the Candy – Soda shop has the largest selection of candy and soda ever found in one store. Almost every candy, every flavor, every ounce of sweet and tasty goodness can be found at Rocket Fizz. Opened just a few weeks back on November 17th, Rocket Fizz has quickly become the epa center for every child and adults candiest dreams. For more info, hours and days visit www.Facebook.com/RocketFizzAz. Visit www.EverythingGilbert.com for all the latest events, happenings and news coming to Gilbert, AZ

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